LNS in Japan Today

For over 40 years, LNS has specialized in the production of machine tool accessories for machine tools. Through years of efforts, LNS bar-feeders, chip conveyors and coolant systems have gained excellent name recognition in the worldwide machine tool market, and have earned a premium reputation among customers.

The hard-won LNS reputation for uncompromising machine quality is a result of innovative design, use of state-of-the-art production techniques, stringent quality control procedures, and excellent technical support. LNS products are sold worldwide through exclusive agents or direct sales to end users. We have set up branch companies in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan to guarantee efficient and fast service.

Dedication to the company's principle of "Guaranteed quality, superior technology and customer satisfaction", and years of effort have made us the leader among machine tool peripheral manufacturers around the world. We have established an excellent reputation for quality in the markets we operate in. We will continue to pursue higher technology, and will strive to remain at the forefront of our industry


1973:                         Creation of LNS SA, Switzerland

1978:                         LNS Bar feeder introduction in Japan, sales and service

1981:                         Foundation of Yoshida Tekko Co, Ltd

2005:                         Creation of LNS Japan Business Development

2011:                         Acquisition of Yoshida Tekko Co, Ltd

2012:                         Creation of LNS Yoshida KK, in Nomi-Shi, Ishikawa

2015:                         Creation of LNS Japan KK

2015:                         Opening of Tokyo Office, Sales & After Sales Service

2016:                         Launch of Bar feeder Sales and Service in Japan by LNS Japan

2017:                         Opening of Nagoya Office, Sales & After Sales Service

                                  Creation of LNS Japan GK (Notice)



At LNS, a percentage of all revenue is reinvested in research and development, enabling us to periodically present a new generation of higher performance products to match the progress of the machine tools. Our R & D department includes senior electrical, mechanical and software engineers in an organization which fosters creativity and innovative design. This outstanding R & D effort results in LNS products offering many fine and extraordinary product features.



The LNS quality assurance program ensures high quality standards and consistent performance. Our experienced quality control personnel use precision instruments for in-process and final product inspection. Each product undergoes an extensive quality inspection before shipment, testing aspects such as accuracy, running smoothness and stability, controller performance, safety, etc., giving it maximum reliability of performance when operated together with your machine tool.



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