Alpha 326

The LNS economical solution to automatically load small diameter bar stock into sliding headstock lathes. The ALPHA 326 is designed to withstand production process running at optimum RPMs. High guiding quality, low noise and effective vibration-dampening are guaranteed through molded polyurethane guiding channels. The ALPHA 326 is a highly productive and price-competitive automatic bar feeding system for bar stock diameters from 3mm to 26mm. The ALPHA 326 will also accommodate fixed headstock lathes.

  • Easy to Use Remote Control (HMI)
  • Quick Changeover Simplicity
  • Optimum Guiding
  • Powerful Self-Centering Vise for Bar Extraction and Insertion
  • Safer Operation and Optimum RPM
  • 3-S High Speed Headstock Synchronization System (Patent)
  • Innovative Front Stabilizer (Patent)
  • Exceptional Productivity


Specifications ALPHA 326
Bar Diameter 3 mm to 23 mm, 26 mm max. with bar preparation

Bar length 2.5M/3.2M/3.7M/4.0M

2600mm/3230mm/3790mm/4230 mm
Loading system Side load rack
Loading capacity 270mm
Loading and feeding side LtoRF / RtoLF
Headstock type Fixed / sliding
Synchronization Electronic Synchronization
Front rest Manual
Drive Servo motor
Air Pressure 5~7 kg/㎠
Power Supply 220V / 3 phase / 5 amps (other voltages available)