Turbo HB

The Turbo HB is a standard conveyor used for chip removal where filtration is not necessary. The Turbo Hinge Belt can be used for all types of application and is the best choice for coarse and stringy chips.


Large broken or stringy chips 

Plastic material
No filtration


Efficient Chip Removal

LNS uses specially-formed cleats to prevent curled chips from adhering to the belt, reducing wear and improving chip removal. Conveyor top cover height can be varied for special applications. Wipers on the belts clean the entire surface of the bottom pan a minimum of two times per revolution.


Wear-resistant Design

Special abrasion-resistant alloy material is used in high wear locations, such as upper and lower curves. Belt rollers and hinge pins are hardened for long life, even in the toughest applications.


Continous operations

The ball-detent clutch system provides protection for the motor during «excessive loads». Due to the unique action of releasing tension on the belt and then moving forward, it also overcomes 90% of minor stoppages without operator intervention. This is a crucial element in the success of unattended machining operation.